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Notice. As of August 2019, the Laboratory for IT Entrepreneurship has merged with the Mason Innovation Exchange (MIX), and LITE's flagsgip program, the Pitch IT competition, has become the Patriot Pitch competion. As a result, this website is no longer maintained. For more information about current programs, visit the MIX's website.

Laboratory for I.T. Entrepreneurship
Ngyuen Engineering Building

Match IT

The Match IT program offers students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to connect with potential business partners, creating synergic teams that will combine excellent technical skills with successful business approaches. The program is designed to match ideas to skills using different and complementary channels:

  • Personal advising: students, faculty and staff can consult our advisors to discuss what their needs are in terms of the type of skills or ideas they lack to create an IT venture.
  • Directory of business ideas: based on the inputs received from students, the laboratory will maintain a directory of potential IT business ideas along with the type of skills, experiences, and competencies needed to materialize those ideas.
  • Directory of research projects: based on the inputs received from research faculty and staff, the laboratory will maintain a directory of research projects for which an entrepreneurial team (e-team) is needed to develop specific IT products.

Through these channels:

  • Students with interest, skills, and/or ideas in a specific field will be given the opportunity to connect with potential business partners.
  • Research faculty and staff will have the opportunity to materialize their research projects by connecting with students and/or colleagues to create e-teams aimed at developing IT products.

Many times, individuals with potentially bright ideas simply do not pursue them because they lack the technical or professional skills to materialize their ideas. Other times, individuals with excellent technical skills simply lack the kind of innovative ideas that are necessary to launch a successful business. Our Match IT program is aimed at overcoming this gap.

To participate in this program simpy dowload and complete the data collection form below.

Match IT Data Collection Form